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George Weasley
1 April
George Weasley

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Full Name: George Weasley
Gender: male
Date of Birth: April 1, 1978
Affiliations: Death Eaters (war, personal reasons); the Light; Family
Occupation: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Personality: George has changed a lot over the past three years. The war and everything surrounding Millicent put a strain on his mind and he's grown more introverted. He'll joke when with Fred, but otherwise won't start on it himself. He cares deeply for those he still has and is a little nostalgic about the people that no longer are around. He's more likely to be found creating some kind of product now than to be out advertising/testing it.
Strengths: Determination when it comes to what he wants/needs, strong footing on decisions that others may not approve of
Flaws: His unconditional love for Millicent is, sadly, a flaw that pushed most of George's decisions. He's perhaps a bit too obsessed with making sure that she's okay.

Family Members: Parents (Molly/Arthur), Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, Ron, Ginny, and friends that are close enough to be family (Harry, Hermione, Mandy, Millicent, and Draco)
Romantic Interests: Millicent Bulstrode
Relationship With Family: Strained since the war due to his decisions. He and Fred are still closer than ever, but things aren't as they used to be. [MTC]

War: George took over the entire shop business, letting his brother work full time between the Order and Mandy. At this time he had enough people hired that he didn't need to be at the shop everyday, but he usually ended up doing that anyway (if he weren't with Millicent). They had lost the shop in Hogsmeade when the villiage was attacked, so they were back to just Diagon Alley. Business wavered, people caught between being scared and trying to act normal.
Unlike his entire family, George stayed neutral about the war. He didn't want any part of it, mostly because he thought Millicent didn't have any part in it either. She was what he focused on, what he wanted to protect. They got along well for a while and then George saw that Millicent was starting to distance herself. There would be times when she would miss meetings they planned or when she didn't answer any owls. This started them in more than a few fights. During one of them, Millicent's arm started to burn and George finally knew why she was so distant. Millicent had been marked by Voldemort. Shocked, he shifted further away from his own family and tried to figure out what to do. Up until this point, he hadn't even tried to get involved in the war, another sore spot between he and his brother.
Eventually, George came to a conclusion. He would not lose Millicent to someone like Voldemort. He knew she couldn't ignore the Dark side since her parents were so deeply into it, so he decided that he would protect her by staying by her side. At this point in time, George was completely attached to Millicent and the thought of losing her was worse than anything. As soon as he could, he started running in the lower ranks of the Death Eaters, hurting as little people as possible. He hid the mark on his arm with long sleeves and other experiments he created in the basement of the shop. Eventually, he ended up created a few things for Voldemort, letting the Death Eaters use some of the pranks for their advantage.
Fred, working for the Order, recognized the pranks as soon as they had gone off. Two days after he saw them, he approached George and demanded to know who had been buying a lot of pranks lately. Soon enough, it came out what George had done. Fred was livid and, after physically seeing the Dark Mark, he was confused and torn. He was supposed to bring his brother in now, but he couldn't do it. George then told him about an upcoming plan on the ministry that would be centering around their father's department. Fred relayed the message to the Order, saying that it was from a "reliable source." Fred and George continued this small exchange until just before the war ended. George still lead his life in the shop, so nobody thought anything different when the two twins would meet up.
On the outside, George was a business man devestated by his loss and still trying to keep it moving. On the inside, he was a man doing whatever it took to keep his family (all of it - the Weasleys, Harry, Mandy, and Miillicent) safe. Arguments about being an idiot or not, he would do what he believed needed to be done.

Current Residence: [TBA]
Summary of Events: A few months before Voldemort was killed, he willingly turned himself in, using Fred and Mandy as witnesses to what he did (somewhat) for the Order. When he was arrested was when the rest of his family found out that he had become a Death Eater and, through Fred, they learned why. At his trial, he was given just three months in Azkaban for taking the Mark and a heafty fine before he was freed. Upon being released, he and Fred came back together and focused on their family and their shop. But, an Auror comes to check up on George every now and then (randomly) to make sure that he doesn't turn dark.

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